70s love affair.


Over the past few weeks, I have become really interested in 70s fashion.

I’ve always loved 70s fashion. It’s fun and free! Additionally, I feel that music was a strong factor for how people dressed. I’ve been going through a change in my life and have become more inspired with fashion. My style is a changing. Although I don’t think I will be fully dressing in the 70s aesthetic, I do plan on incorporating 70s style but with a twist. I will not aim to recreate outfits, though it may happen. My plan is to dress how I want to dress. I will mix styles and make them to my comfort.

These are the 70s inspired items I will be incorporating…in a way, this is my fashion board? If that makes sense. The following things are an accumulation of things I want to bring into the mix.

  1. Ringer Shirts
    This style of shirts is always around year long. They are usually t-shirts with the lining of the collar/sleeves being of a different color.  I have worn them since I was little and just recently bought some new ones. Stores are actually carrying many ringer tees nowadays since summer is upon us. These shirts are what I always Venice beach skaters wearing.
  2. Stripes, but a specific stripe.
    Thick stripes that are not black and white. In the past years, stripes have become a huge fashion trend. However, the stripes that are the norm are black/ white or blue/white…which play on a nautical theme.
  3. Shift dresses
    I have actually always like shift dresses. They are one of the most comfortable dress styles.

If I am not being clear, the style I want to embody is a reflection of films I have currently been watching. Putting music aside, films are a huge influence. My life has revolved around studying music and film, which makes me want to pay homage to the things I love. As for the style part, these are the films that make inspire me:

  1. Almost Famous (2000)Image result for almost famous
  2. The Last Waltz(1978)Image result for the last waltz
  3. Lords of Dogtown (2005)Image result for lords of dogtown4. Blow Up (1966)Image result for blow up

I will be posting more about this style change in the weeks to come. Stay tuned!



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