Sunny Evenings.

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You will miss them when the weather is cold and rainy.

I am not one to usually favor sunny weather. Growing up in a very sunny and warm place grows tiring. Not until a few years back, my wardrobe consisted of lightweight clothing like shorts, skirts, dresses, etc. I used to long for the cold months–which I still do. Before, I wanted the opportunity of experiencing rainy days in the winter. I wanted to be able to wear rain boots and layers of clothing. In other words, I wanted to experience the cold weather that I saw in films and tv. However, that was my naive mistake. To assume that I would always have perfect hair and can wear many layers without getting hot, that is real movie magic.

This is the reality…
Cold weather is fun in the first few days or days in which you will stay inside. Everything is beautiful on rainy days from the inside of a warm and dry environment. It is also beautiful when you haven’t seen any rain in a few months, but once the storms roll in and you must go outside that is when you see the truth.

You begin to notice…

….puddles are not for jumping, but for walking around.
…umbrellas are not for grandmas to use on sunny days, but for staying dry.
…rain boots are not ugly, but magical shoes that keep your feet warm.
…and rain jackets are not for making noise with every step made, but for those who want to stay dry.

P.S. I am not trying to give the idea that I want sunny weather all the time; I’m merely trying to say that, when you are walking home in the rain, sunny days do not sound too horrible.




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