What I Learned From 2016


The year definitely was shit, but I can’t forget the good moments.

To start things off, I’ll state the obvious, 2016 was a ripple effect of bad things. The year was an endless moment of famous legends passing away. The media continued to ignore the deaths of innocent people around the world. Rather it focused on the absurdity of the election, which is fine, by showing Trump’s agenda as a joke rather than a possible reality. The problem that arose, however was the win of Trump’s presidency. The Democratic Praty screwed itself over by minimizing the importance of Bernie Sanders. I have more to say on the election and the shit outcomes but this is meant to be a positive post.

  1. This year proved that death is unexpected therefore love as open and genuinely as possible.
  2. Working hard and late nights are the key to success–at least for me.
  3. People do small things every day and they must be recognized.
  4. Music will continue to develop and better those shit days.
  5. Films are finally fulfilling the needs of the audience by making casts more diverse and storylines more applicable to a bigger demographic.
  6. Family and friends that care will demonstrate it.
  7. It’s okay to let go off some friendships. Also, it is natural for friendships to change.
  8. Dogs are angels.
  9. You’re not a bitch if you know what you want.
  10. Speak to people. Disagree with people. Argue with people. Listen to people. Interact with people.
  11. Dedicate time to writing and reading. Doing things for yourself is necessary.
  12. It’s okay to cry.

I don’t know what 2017 has in stored for me besides my graduation, but I am excited. I definitely grew as a person this past year. It has definitely been an interesting time to be a college student and am glad to have experienced it. Hopefully, next year is better than the past ones.



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