Incredibly Last Minute Xmas Gifts


We all, at least those fortunate ones, have dealt with the last minute gift runs…hopefully, this list helps.

It is the holiday season and life is hectic. From office parties to family reunions, a gift is always expected. Usually, I like to buy gifts that have some sentimental value but that can’t always be the case which made me create this list of gift ideas. With there being a short amount of time between work/school/social life shopping needs to be an in and out ordeal.

Note: these gifts can be given to anyone–however, this is my opinion.

Instant Camera
They are fun and easy to learn. It is a very nostalgic item, but that seems to be the new thing (what a paradox). The only downside is that the film can get a bit expensive. Typically instant cameras are referred to as
Polaroids since they were the first company to produce them. These past few years instant cameras have become a success for Fujifilm. If you’ve seen someone with a big colorful camera, it is most likely a Fujifilm. I’ve had the privilege to own the Instax Mini 8 and the Instax Wide. I don’t have any complaints with both of them. They are both great cameras that are fun to use with friends.

Such a great present. It is an initiative for people to start a new hobby. I recommend the piano or guitar or ukulele–how surprising, I know. Music mends the mind and learning an instrument makes one fall more in love with it.

Random Books
By random I mean books that aren’t meant to be taken seriously. Take a coloring book which is great for anyone that needs to relax. A style book for anyone who likes fashion. A coffee table book for anyone who needs an easy read. You get the point. Books are fun and add the sentimental vibe with a little note inside.

Funny Tshirts
They become sleep shirts, therefore you are giving someone pjs. No one will say no to a free tshirt and more when they are funny. Do stray from misogynistic, sexist, and racist shirts–basically, anything that will make you think, “Sounds like Trump.”

Do make sure that the person has a record player or else things will be weird. Even if they have the cd or a Spotify subscription, anyone can enjoy a nice vinyl.

Electronic Accessories 
Aka: phone cases, headphones/earbuds, speakers, camera lens. Mostly everyone has something that needs a bit of a “wow” factor.

Travel Sized Makeup Kits
Those items that entrap you while waiting in line at Sephora. They are small and cute and definitely overpriced, but they are liked.

Buy a person’s favorite snacks and make a gift bag. The gift will be loved and cherished for the few moments it is put aside.

It may be that I am getting older, but a plant is a beautiful thing to be given. They are fun to take care of, although there will be moments in which you wonder whether you can actually keep it alive.

This is obviously for the 21+ group in society. Booze booze booze. Get them a bottle of their favorite drink and boom you will be loved. Ya welcome.




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