Moving Into Winter: Trends


I may have to spend more than expected.

When it comes to trend, I am usually late to them. I tend to stick to the same trends for a very long time. This Winter there are trends that I have adored for a long time but now expect to see them everywhere. I live between two cities they tend to have similar weather, except one gets colder than the other. The trends that I like tend to be 60s/70s inspired–specifically, trends that a rock female would wear–mixed with a modern simplistic element. Then again, I will dress completely opposite to the 60s/70s rock look. My style inspiration stems from Patti Smith, Debbie Harry, David Bowie, Beatles rooftop concert, Mick Jagger, Stevie Nicks, etc. There are plenty of other people I get inspiration from but at the moment I can’t remember them. For modern fashion inspiration, I really adore Alexa Chung, as well as a lot of other people. She infuses the rock elements with an everyday wearabilty. I also love how Emma Watson and Emma Stone dress. They tend to be more simplistic and monotone, which is my go to style for school.


The Silver Bootie

I love boots. I own too many of them, as it is. Recently I purchased a silver pair of boots. They are definitely a statement piece. I had been wanting a pair for over a year and finally found the perfect pair. They would go nicely with an all black outfit or an outfit that you feel needs an extra umph. They are the perfect going out boot to me. Definitely an investment, for me. I ordered the Steve Madden Ilana which are a bit expensive. However, they are becoming available in more places. Definitely check out ASOS for slightly less expensive options.



The Leopard Bootie

My booties are from Steve Madden, again. I got mine from Ross about a year ago. They are the perfect shade of leopard print and are extremely comfy. Leopard is an everyday print for me and is very versatile. I love mixing leopard with stripes because I feel like it goes well. My mom thinks I am crazy but that’s alright with me.



Faux Fur

I own a few faux fur coats already which is great. They are definitely something that you can throw on and make a very simple outfit look like you tried. The best part of faux fur coats is being able to wear a ridiculously color with any outfit you’d like without making the outfit look bad, but that is subjective. Everyone has different definitions as to what is a bad outfit, so when I say bad I mean to my standards.


Leopard Jacket

This is my favorite at the moment. I just bought this jacket from Zara. It is a cropped moto jacket style and its so comfy. It does have a loud print but it’s the right amount of loudness. Very easy to style for everyday and going out.


The Camel Coat

I watched A Most Violent Year last year and completely fell in love with Oscar Issac’s camel coat. It looked so chic and I knew I wanted one. I  did not invest in one, because I didn’t know how often I’d wear it. So far, I have used it enough times to justify the price. Maybe in the future I will invest, but in the meantime I will stick to my current coat.



The Wrapped (Bolo Tie) Choker

As a child, I used to love chokers. They used to be fun and hip but I haven’t really gotten back into them as an adult. I bought a wrap around choker and I really like how they look but am yet to style it. It’s worth a try over the winter.


The Skinny Scarf

Major 60s vibe. Fun and easy. Great with any outfit.



Body Suits

I am just getting into them. They make outfits look sleek. I still find them weird but I like how they look. Maybe, I’ll grow to love them.



I don’t have any. I alternate between high rise jeans and low rise jeans. Nothing wild.

Winter shall be an interesting season. I’m excited.



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