October Edit: Music

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There is so much music out but I’ve only got two ears!

October has been great for music. I tend to discover songs a few weeks/years they’ve been originally released. When I like an artist or song, I tend to listen to the song repeatedly. It’s not that I am actively not looking for newly released songs; I don’t know what actually happens…it’s weird. There are, however, new songs that do make it into the mix. Along with the new songs, I will also list songs that I’ve listened to for a long time but have listened to on repeat during the month.

This is what I’ve found,

  1. Mac Miller’s Dang, We, and Congratulations
    I’ve never really followed Mac Miller. I did listen to some of his songs when he had his MTV show, but that is about it. His new album The Divine Feminine surprised me when I first listened to it. I think it displays how Miller has grown as an artist. I really like the revival of using trumpets/saxophones that is occurring in the music world. It is refreshing to hear the true sound of instruments. Over the past couple of years music has steered away from the use of instruments to the new technology instruments, which there is nothing wrong with that. I just feel that the sound of real instruments to my ears is orgasmic.

2. Anderson .Paak
What is there to say. This man knows what he is doing. His voice and taste in music is beyond perfect. Great music to listen for everything.I really enjoyed his performance in the Tiny Desk series.

3. Al Greene’s How Can You Mend a Broken Heart

Al Greene is one of my favorites and this song has remained as one of my favorites for a very long time. If you haven’t heard it, then get your life straight and give it your ears.

4. Ella Henderson’s Ghost (Oliver Nelson Remix)

This song surprised me because I definitely do not listen to music of this style.


5. Elliot Smith’s Between the Bars

Sad song. A song that you’d imagine being played during a rainy montage in a movie.

6. Chris Brown’s Grass Ain’t Greener and Wishing
Chris Brown has just been killing it lately.

7. Bruno Mars’ Chunky
I must admit I haven’t been an avid fan of Mars. Though I do recognize his talent, I never gave him time. His new songs, however, have caught my attention. I look forward to listen to his new album.

8. Drake’s Fake Love
I can’t find any video… The song is great though.

9. Jimi Hendrix’s Little Wing
A classic. It’s Hendrix.

10. Rae Sremmurd’s Black Beatles and  By Chance
I love Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy. There music always puts me in a good mood. They know how to put out music aimed to a big audience.

11. Chance the Rapper’s entire Coloring Book
This guy… this guy! Chance is one of my favorite artists out there. I have followed him since 2013 and he keeps on amazing me every year. He is so talented and big hearted. Chance is definitelys someone I’d like to meet.

12. Billy Bragg and Wilco’s California Stars
This is a song I just discovered while listening to spotify on my walk home. I love the lyrics. I did some research on the song and found out that the lyricsit’s daughter actually picked Bragg and Wilcon to arrange the music for the lyrics. I think that it is a cool story.


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