Beginning of the End

advice, personal

As I write this, I’m sitting in the waiting room of a dentist office.

This week is my third week as a fourth year in college. It is hard to believe that I’ve been at this school, moreover this town, for three years. Sure, I go back home for summer and winter break, but that adds up to 1/3 of the year. I spend most of my time away from home, which has taught me how to be an independent lady. I don’t have the same support I had when I was in high school. Although my parents are always there for me, it’s different. I make decisions for myself and most of the time without consulting my parents. I’ve learned to do small house things like laundry, cooking, and making appointments. At first, they were a bit challenging but with time they got easy but as the saying goes “everything takes practice.”

The funny thing about college is that you don’t realize how much of an adult you are becoming. Change is always occurring and it is hard. The first year of college is probably the year in which big changes occur. Your relationships either weaken or become stronger. Your way of speaking develops. Your overall view of the world become more realistic. You become more aware of how fucked up the world can be and  how beautiful it is. You begin to realize that your mom is the one person you can always go to and you notice the people who will remain. Along with you getting a clearer more realistic view of the world, your dreams/goals will also become more of a possibility. In college, you are surrounded by people who are striving to do something and, without you knowing, you will become one too. Just keep in mind that my view on college will not be like others. Everyone will have a different perspective. I know, for a fact, that when I began college I had completely different view on it.

So, cheers to a new school year!



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