Beach Life.

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Have you ever stopped and wondered what place puts you at ease?

I have always lived near the coastline. Since a very young age I have gone to the beach on weekends with no particular reason. I always went because it was there. I used to love the beach…and I mean LOVE the beach. My aunt would take my family on the weekends and I adored it, although I never got in the water. I have always had a fear of the ocean but always loved being physically at the beach.


By the time I was in high school, I had stopped going to the beach and started to create a hate for it. High school was a time when everything became a hassle. Ya know? High school years were primetime teenager angst years. I didn’t want to go out much because what was the point. I felt everything would be boring if I wasn’t with friends. WRONG! My advice is don’t think that way. Have fun. Go out. Explore with anyone.


Now, a few years later, I think it is funny how I ended up moving to a beach town after my years of “I hate the beach.” I feel like I have stumbled upon a piece of happiness from my childhood. You know that saying “things happen for a reason” (which btw, I fully believe in this), that is how I see my rediscovery of my love for the beach. I chose this school without knowing much about it. I didn’t understand how near I would be to the beach. In other words, my own teenage beach hating self put myself in a predicament by choosing a beach town school. I don’t regret my decision because I enjoy going to the beach now. Being at the beach allows me to forget of those stupid little worries that are in my head on a daily basis. The sound of the waves, as cliché as it is, are truly soothing.

Moral of the story, do things that your childhood self would have enjoyed.



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