Ring me up!

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Have I mentioned I love rings?

I had never been a ring fan until I go the two hearted ring in the picture. I got that ring from my mom at the age of 13. I remember the fear that set in as soon as I received it. My mom told me that this ring should be taken care of with love–does that not sound intimidating? I freaked out but I didn’t tell her. Now, almost 8 years later, I still wear the ring every single day. I guess, I figured out how to take care of something with love.

As for the other rings, they have come to me throughout the years. Some have been given to me by people (mostly my family) and one I bought while in SF. If you ever find yourself in SF, specifically Pier 39, visit Bliss. It is a store of accessories and they are pretty inexpensive. I’ve had my love ring for about a year and it is still going strong.

I can’t really state where to find the other rings as they were given to me, but I will recommend to try rings that you may not feel comfortable wearing. You can be surprised by how much you actually will end up enjoying them. I used to hate big rings like the green stone ring, but now it is one of my favorites.

Rings can add the finishing touch to an outfit. It also adds a bit of your personal taste to an outfit. If you ever feel there is something missing, try a ring. It will, hopefully, make you feel extra special.



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