I’ve lost it.

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I need to find it.

I still remember in what year of my life I felt confident–2011. It was the year that I decided to throw away all of my magazines and focus on myself. I let my hair do its own thing, which reduced the amount of time I had to spend on it. I decided to just not wear makeup…like not even a tad bit. I would actually go back and tell myself to use a bit of concealer since I am notorious for dark under eye circles. Basically, what I am trying to say is, 2011 was the year I had no f**** to give.

I discovered that it is okay to wear weird quirky stuff, because in reality no one cares. Yes, you will get trolly comments but notice who makes them. They will either come from people who are trolls (family & friends) or people who have no importance in your life. Don’t be bothered by the comments made by family & friends, they just trolls that show affection in that manner (well, at least for me).

2011 became the year of me. I bought things because I thought they were cool. Most of the items could not be paired with each other. I got inspired by Alexa Chung, who I had already loved her fashion sense but had never done anything to dress like her. I discovered Noel Fielding and fell in love with his confidence in dressing weird. I discovered people who I actually loved and decided I was going to dress in a way that I could feel as confident as they do in their clothes. I was doing this because I wanted to.

However, upon entering college in 2013 and the rise of minimalistic fashion, I have lost the confidence and adoration for fashion. I still do like some minimalistic items/ outfits, but to be honest it is not me. I subconsciously came to dressing like a minimalist. I do have some outfits I adore but it is not me.

So, here is what I am proposing myself to do for the latter half of 2016:

I am going to find my quirky/rocknroll self and dress for msyelf, again. 


With much love,




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