A magical place in Southern California.

Disneyland is definitely one of my all time favorite places. I grew up going visiting this place every year. I have probably been to Disneyland over 50 times. So I know it pretty well. I think I keep loving it more and more as I grow old because it reminds me of my childhood. It helps me stay young–as weird as it may sound. I think the visits I make are really about forgetting the everyday struggles and enjoying my company and time within the park.



Carnation Cafe
Definitely a place to try. It is a bit pricey but the food tastes really great. I’d recommend getting there before 10:30am because it does get full. Also, once full, they will no longer serve breakfast. In other words, it is a first come first serve basis. I tried the frittata and it came shaped like Mickey heads. Iy is really cute and tasted really good.


And for those that want something on the go, because we all know getting in line early will be faster than going to your favorite ride around the afternoon, there is a Starbucks located near the cafe.



I don’t really eat an actual lunch because I am running around the park, but if I do I go to Rancho del Zocalo–located in Frontierland . It is a Mexican food restaurant that is located next to Big Thunder Railroad. I think I go there every time I visit Disneyland. I tend to get the tostada bowl, which I think is good for theme park food. I haven’t tried most of their food but my family has and they enjoy it.


Plaza Inn

Located on Main Street. Wow. I really…really…really love this place. Their fried chicken plate is so tasty. The chicken has the right amount of crispiness. Not only that, but the portion sizes are huge. Two people can probably eat one order of the fried chicken.



Disney is all about the snacks.

1. Dole Whip from the Tiki Juice Bar at the entrance of Adventureland. It is pineapple flavored soft serve that quenches your thirst after running around the park for a few hours.

2. Popcorn from the popcorn carts that are everywhere. I mean how can you say no to popcorn, especially when it is warm and buttery!

3. Mint Julep from Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square . I think it is one of those drinks where you will know whether you like it from the moment you take the first sip.

4. Beignets from Cafe Orleans or Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square. They are powdery doughnut like treats that are a perfect snack when waiting in line at Indiana Jones.

5.Pomegranate Piranha lemonade from Bengal Barbecue in Adventureland. I just tried this drink and I seriously want another. It has little pomegranates boba like balls and is simply perfection. It is not too sweet and not too bland.


6. Chieftain Chicken and Banyan Beef skewers from Bengal Barbecue. These aren’t the biggest kabobs but man oh man do they pack flavor. I personally like the chicken because it is sweet and spicy.

7. Broccoli cheese soup in the sourdough bread bowl from Harbour Galley in Critter Country. It is what you are picturing. Soup in a bread bowl. What you expect it to be…it is. It is a perfect treat for when the day is winding down and the cold starts rolling in.

8. Turkey Leg from Edelweiss Snacks in Fantasyland. Warm and big. This treat will literally get you full immediately. The turkey legs are bigger than your face and your tummy will thank you for the warm snack.


I love rides and every ride at Disneyland is fine by me. I do however understand that many people are not all too comfortable with many rides therefore I will simply name my top picks and how scary they can be.


Space Mountain and Splash Mountain

They are probably the most popular rides and really make your adrenaline run. Space Mountain is a non-stop adrenaline rush, while Splash Mountain is more of a build up. I included it in this category because it has a big drop and sometimes a big drop is all it takes for someone to not get on the ride.

aka. the people who will get on rides regardless of how they may not like it

Matterhorn and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

I love these two rides. They don’t really have drops; they just make you believe there will be a drop. They are fast and really fun. I would say anyone above the age of five would enjoy this ride.

I almost forgot one of my all time favorites, Indiana Jones! You are basically in a jeep that is going fast. It is a blast.


I would say every ride besides the mountains are great for anyone. The rides are to provide joy to people and not scare them. Most adults would say Disneyland is full of kiddie rides, when compared to other theme parks. As for the rides I truly believe you must experience:

  1. Star Tours because Star Wars is awesome. Enough said.
  2. Mad Tea Party–aka the teacups
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean
  4. Haunted Mansion
  5. Dumbo–if you fit and are a little kid.


Hope you enjoy your trip or decide to consider having a trip down to Disneyland Resort!

As with all my recommendations, I am being extremely bias. Everything I write is out of my own experience.




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