Consider Me Broke

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Sephora, Ulta, and Macys…My oh my! I can hear my bank account crying!

As much as I would have liked to create a post showing an eye makeup look for the Colourpop lipsticks, I can’t due to my current state of sickness–the cold. Therefore, to make up for the post, here is a haul-type post of my new makeup/skincare.

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At Macys, I purchased the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. I have been looking for a new moisturizer for a while now. I had been using a Simple daily moisturizer but it wasn’t helping my skin. I have dry combination skin, which means that I mostly have dry skin but do get oily on my t-zone. I never noticed this problem before, until I moved to my college town. I always thought I had oily skin but it turns out that I was wrong. So coming to the realization made me go on the hunt for a moisturizer and I think I found the keeper. I’m currently back home and this product hasn’t broken me out or made my skin oilier. The true test will be how the product works within a month from now.


As for Sephora, I bought quite a lot–in my opinion.
I finally got around to purchasing the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation. I had been reading about it on the web and wanted to give it a try. I was using the Nars Sheer Glow foundation but I found that it was too heavy for daily use. It was also too dark for my current skin tone. I haven’t gotten mush sunlight in a few months. As for this new MUF foundation, I really like it. I’ve only used it a couple of times but it is very comfortable on the skin. The lady at Sephora told me that it was a new formula that was lighter and buildable. I would say it is medium coverage and is very builadble. It lets my skin breathe an looks very natural on.

The lady also convinced me in purchasing the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Concealer. I was going to purchase a favorite, the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, but she told me that I should pair the foundation with its concealer. She also said that it had collagen which helped with the care for the skin around my eyes–I think that is what won me over. I wanted an under-eye concealer that did not crease while also brightening my eyes. The Nars works fine but I didn’t purchase a shade that would brighten it up. I have used the Urban Decay Naked Concealer, but I didn’t really like it for the under eyes. It’s fine for the face but not for the under eyes.

The final thing I got at Sephora was the Tarte Tartelette Tease eyeshadow palette. It is a pink/mauvy palette. I think it is perfect for everyday. It bring two glimmery shades and four matte shadows. I haven’t used it but I have swatched the colors on my skin and they are very pigmented.


Finally Ulta.
I picked up the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I am a big fan of the Beauty Blender but it can be pricey. I thought I’d try this sponge out. I haven’t used it yet but I will update on how it performs.

I also picked up the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I have used their brushes before and was not surprised at how well this brush works. It blends foundation nicely. I do want to mention that I’d recommend using a brush with the Make Up Forever foundation.

As for the Anastasia Brow Wiz, I actually picked it up at Macys but you can find it everywhere. I got it from Macys because it was the only place that had my shade. I think the application is fairly easy and very manageable. I love the little brush at the end.



With love,


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