I finally had the opportunity to go back home after three months away. Although it has been a norm for the past two years, this time felt like the first time. I longed for the break and the city lights. I longed for the days of doing nothing other than being in the company of the family and friends. I longed for the company that no friend can give.

After a week of exams, home is the only thing that motivated me.
I realized that family and friends are the only two things that will be there for you. Yes, friends come and go, sadly. There will be some who will only keep you around for their own benefit, but then there are also those who become almost like family. I say almost because they will never be able to be of your own blood.

I’d just like to say to everyone who is experiencing loneliness or become dubious about a friendship: don’t stress about them. If they want to be in your life, they will remain in your life. If they don’t, and you have a gut feeling that they won’t stay in your life, forget about them. They’re not worth any worry. Just know that when you start realizing those key friends that are of the truest form, they are worth everything. Those are your keepers. They may only be two people, but those two people will be better than ten together.



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