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Have you heard Beyoncé’s new song?

This past weekend, Beyoncé surprised the world–once again–with a new single “Formation”. The single voices Beyoncé’s manifestation of her pridefulness of being a child from the south.  The song–unlike a lot of her previous material–is eerie and has  a very non-poppy sound to it. She starts the song by speaking about how her haters make accusations of illuminati–which I find very interesting because when you apply those accusations to the modern world societal problems it can be interpreted that a successful woman of color can’t be successful without being a part of some outside power. I am not saying that there are non-color people not being accused of illuminati because anyone can be accused of being a part of the illuminati. However, the media tends to focus on successful people of color.

As for her chorus, I love it. I think the message is great. She is basically saying that she loves being black. She displays how her parents are from the south and wears outfits that can be associated to New Orleans, Louisiana. With the great success of American Horror Story: Coven, many people were capable of seeing a demonstration of the voodoo culture, which gets associated with witches–and in regards to Bey’s music video you can see how her outfits resemble the style. You should also note how Bey displays a lot of the culture from the south. She begins by standing on top of a police car that is sinking in water–which can be thought as being a part of the damage that resulted from hurricane Katrina.

Personally, I believe that Bey’s music video holds a strong message–especially the frame in which the little boy is dancing in front of police men to which the camera then shifts and focuses on a wall that says “Stop Shooting Us” (4:24). This is in reference to the police shootings that have been occurring in the United States. The shootings, if you are unaware, have been of innocent black people that are being shot by policemen who are supposedly here to “protect”. To make matters worse, the policemen who have been shooting people are not being convicted with murder. I believe that in using her fame and popularity, Bey is doing a service to the public, especially to those that may not know about the murders.

Overall, I really enjoyed the song and the music video. I hope to hear more of Beyoncé’s new sound.


Also, you can watch the music video on Beyoncé’s website.



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