My Current Obsession


I joined the hype.

I always knew about the show since I was young. I used to have cousins that were obsessed with watching it, but at the time I was afraid of the extraterrestrial craze that everyone went through.

When in high school, I clearly remember a friend telling me that I should watch the show, but due to the lack of online streaming availability, I never got around to it.

Now–in the year 2016–after a long overdue wait, I have started watching the show. I am currently on season 3 and started two weeks ago. I am completely obsessed. I must admit I am fangirling hard over Scully and Mulder. Although I do appreciate their “platonic” relationship—right now—I really truly would love to see them in a romantic relationship. I blame the actors. The gazes they give each other kill me. Another reason that the show is such a hit, for me at least, is the extraterrestrial subject. As I got older, I began to like sci-fi and I love the different monsters and cases that the agents attempt to solve.

If you are postponing this show, just stop and go watch it. It is worth the watch. There is some subtle comedic aspect to it and, overall, the cases are interesting.


Also, there is no way you can hate David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.


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